Terms and Conditions


All FiXiO software is only applicable under the terms and conditions set forth below. It is imperative that these rules and regulations be carefully reviewed before using the Fixio services. Use of Fixio is in compliance with all these laws and regulations and will invalidate any future claims or objections in this regard. Achar Gostar Afshar Company may change or update any laws and regulations at any time. All changes will be made via the blog, email or message inside the notification software. Continued use of software means accepting new rules and regulations.

General provisions

All FiXiO activities are in accordance with the laws of the Islamic Republic, e-commerce and customer support, and it is instructed that users are also required to comply with their respective laws. If there's a change in FiXiO's terms and conditions in the future, it will be made public on this page.

Intellectual Property

All contents of the website and, consequently, applications, such as texts, graphics, images, videos, trademarks, logos, site templates, scripts, terms, and the manner in which the texts are owned by Achar Gostar Afshar Co., and are under the protections of intellectuall property . Any copying and use of the content of the FiXiO website and applications is subject to prosecution without written permission.

Intellectual Property Fixio

The intellectual property of the Fixio Software and all its contents (including the name, trademark and services provided under this name, etc.) belong to Achar Gostar Afshar Company.


The FiXiO website and applications Don’t have any branches anywhere in the country, and all administrative and financial affairs are carried out through the office of Achar Gostar Afshar Company at the address provided on the site.


To Subscribe to the Fixio and use all of its services, it is necessary for each user to create an account. To create an account, the following conditions are required:

• Having 18 years of age

• Complete profile form such as name, surname and mobile number and ...

• In the case of legal entities, the company representative will create an account in the name of the company, in which case the company's registration information, such as the full name of the company, the registration number and the national ID of the company in the company registration office, should be along with the company's representative Complete the profile.

• Every person is only allowed to open one account at Fixio.

• Each user accepts the responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in the account and undertakes to update their account at Fixio if any portion of this information is changed. Entering inaccurate and inaccurate information may result in a lack of use of the Fixio service.

The costs of using the services and other related costs and how they are paid

• Given that internet connection is essential for the use of fixed-term software, the user must provide the Internet with other accessories for using Fixio software and provide them with personal expenses. However, the cost that is calculated as the cost of services and received from the user does not include Internet consumables and the like, and only the cost of services provided by the Fixio software and specialists.

• The cost of services is calculated by Fixio software and announced to the customer. The cost of the services offered varies according to the time of service request (various hours or days of the week), the Specifications of the requested service and other effective factors, and the user after viewing the price and sending the service request (for the customer) or accepting the service request (in particular Expert) disclaims any right to protest in this regard.

• The cost of services That is displayed to the customer is determined in accordance with the list of services provided, and if the service exceeds these limits and the customer requests another service, the Fixio will be allowed to modify the specified price and Upon approval of the customer, this amount will be added to the cost of services. Any change in the terms of the service, such as the additional customer service request, or the increase in the duration of the service, will be subject to a recent ruling and will allow the Fixio to change the price determined in accordance with its pricing standards. In other cases, the price will be unchanged.

The customer will pay the service fee in one of the following ways: (1) Internet payment through Fixio Application Or site (2) cash payment or via POS to the executor. If necessary and according to the company's discretion, there may be other ways to be offered to the user for payment.

• In cases of discretionof company , incentive packages (publicly and for all users, or individually and for specific users) are considered as a gift and without charge for customer users in the form or amount A certain gift is added to the customer's credit or a specific discount is assigned to the customer. If the packages have a certain date of validity, then they will be invalidated after that date

Company Commitments

• The company is committed to striving to provide high-quality services, and in this way it tries to upgrade the level of service provided by updating the software to fit the needs of the users.

• Fixio is committed to complying with the privacy policy of its users.

The company is committed to informing users of all changes, modifications and extensions of the current contract through Fixio, email or SMS. Any user may declare his unwillingness to use the service and request to discontinue the service. If such a request is made, the company is not responsible for the possibility of disrupting the service process, and the user will not be entitled to protest.

Due to the fact that Fixio is not a seller of goods or materials and does not merely provide services and does not deal with the sale of equipment and materials, the company is committed to eliminating the problems related to the quality of the services, the mental and physical health of the specialists, the competence of the specialists , Time to receive the service and the quality of the services that the specialist will provide to the client, and will try to resolve the disputes through support systems, call center and face-to-face visits.

• The Company will not be liable for any third-party performance that may result in defects or malfunctions in the User Account.

• The company can not guarantee the implementation of the fixture program on all computers, laptops and mobile devices or communication networks.

Governing law and dispute resolution

The present Contract will be subject to the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran in every respect and, in case of dispute, the parties will try to resolve their differences peacefully and through dialogue. In case of failure, the dispute will be resolved through referral to Tehran's judicial authorities.